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JETLT printers according to your needs

The first Flatbed printer Made in Lithuania.
They are small budget printers meant for direct colour printing on flat things and products. Especially attractive for start-up companies, advertising agencies, souvenir producers and other companies which print or intend to print on business presents and other products.

Attractive investment.
Low price, wide usage possibilities.
Number of colours do not affect the price.
Low printing costs, low colour consumption, easy and simple to use.
Universal printing on various flat surfaces, things and products.
Printing process does not require special competence or qualifications.
Possibility to print from 1 piece without additional costs of starting the printing process.
Possibility to print several layouts at a time.

Suitable for food industry, confectioneries, bakeries. Certified food colours are used.
Possible to print on the following production: gingerbread, wafers, cookies, gateaus, cakes, chocolate and other.

Useful for producers of hand made products. Excellent equipment for decorating wood, clay, soap, wax and other surfaces.

Prints on metal items: indication signs, name plates, business gifts, souvenirs, other.

Great for promotional items: T-shirts, USB, Power bank, pens, other.
Ideal for printing personalised products, name cards.

6 month warranty, post-warranty service.
Initial training, consultations, software.
Supply of colours.