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Main requirements for printing

If the layout you send does not meet these requirements for printing, we do not take responsibility for the

quality of printing and post-printing jobs. Attention! We do not check for mistakes in design elements and

grammatical errors and are in no way responsible for their occurrence in the final printing.

Colours: CMYK, (for digital printing it can be RGB)

Texts: converted to outlines/curves.

Lines / borders: not thinner than 0,10 mm.

File formats: CDR, EPS, TIF, PSD, PNG, JPG. PDF  Photos: JPG/JPEG, TIF, PSD, PNG, with resolution not

smaller than 300 dpi. Bitmap objects: resolution FROM 300 dpi UP TO 600 dpi.

Gradients and multilayer elements: Mask, Powerclip, Gradient, Fountain Fill and other similar objects, also

transparency, opacity and backgrounds combined from several layers must be converted into 1 bitmap

object, the resolution of which is not smaller than 300 dpi.

Bleed and safe margins: bleed on all edges has to be 2 mm. Logos, texts and other important elements have

to be away from the edges not less than 2 mm. Bleed, margin and creasing marks can be left only outside

the print work.

Print work format: the size of the sheet must correspond the final size of the layout. In the file crop/ crease/

perforation/ cutting lines must be marked outside the print work edges.

Frames (templates) at the edges of the layout: frames, which imitate the final format of the print work, are not

allowed. The desired final format has to be indicated when sending the file or in the file name. If you leave

frames at the edges of the layout, they are considered to be part of print work.

Monochrome black texts and bar codes: must be composed from one colour (in CMYK mode –


UV varnish, foil stamping or cutting forms: must be submitted only in vector format separately from the



Finally prepared material by the customer is considered to be: Physical disc or its image where nothing can

be changed, corrected or assessed and which will be copied with the ratio 1:1.

Submitting in physical data storage (2 pc.)

Sending by internet, recommended disc image is: ISO, NRG, DDP 2.00.